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Installing Software Using Software Center--Faculty/Staff (Windows Users)


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The Software Center contains software downloads for Radford University approved software. It is available to Radford University faculty and staff for their university computers. These instructions are for Windows machines only.

Mac users can use the following article to access Self Service App:  Installing Software Using Self Service - Faculty/Staff (Mac Users)

NOTE:  If you're off campus, please connect via VPN to access Software Center. To learn more about connecting to a VPN you can use the following article:  Connecting to VPN - Windows


Search for “software center” on your machine.

Click on the Windows button or go to the search and type software in the search box and open Software Center to start the program (process is the same for Windows 10 and 11).


Windows 10                                       Windows 11

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From the Applications tab, click the software you would like to install onto your machine.

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Click the Install button, and wait for software to install.  The selected program(s) will begin the downloading and installation process, which may take some time.

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Once the installation is finished, “Installed” will display for its status for the completed installation. If you are installing multiple programs at once, wait for all programs to display the “Installed” status.

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You may now close out of the Software Center window after the installation, and your program(s) should be available for use on your computer now.

If you experience issues or have any questions regarding this topic, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 540-831-7500 or enter a support ticket at