Connecting Entertainment Devices to MyDevices

Overview: A separate network that does not require security encryption is used to accommodate allowed entertainment devices.  To join this network, a Radford University student or employee must first register the device.  Registration allows the University to contact the user of a system that may be misbehaving.

Devices that are currently NOT allowed on MyDevices include:

 Non-exhaustive list of items that ARE allowed on the My Devices network include:

1. To register your device, navigate to and login with your RU credentials to your My Devices Portal

2. Click Add

3. Enter the MAC address of your device, separated by colons. You can typically find your MAC address under your device’s network settings; it will be in the format AB:CD:EF:12:34:56. Once you have entered your MAC address, Device ID (a name for the device), and optional description click Submit.

Visit the link below for step by step instructions on how to find the MAC address for some of the most popular devices:

Locating the MAC Address of Your Gaming and Streaming Device

4. Once you have registered the MAC address of your entertainment device, join the device to the MyDevices network. You will not be able to join this network until you have registered your device.

If you encounter other problems, please contact the Technology Assistance Center 831-7500.